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Ecosystem Ecology and Biogeochemistry


Welcome to the Brookshire lab group at Montana State University.  We are interested in how ecosystems work from a biogeochemical perspective.

Recent News

Hot off the Press

New publication out in the Journal of Ecology.


Nitrogen fixers may have a large negative effect on forest biomass accumulation relative to their density by shifting the functional composition of their neighborhoods to one less inclined towards large biomass accumulation. This is Bryce Currey's first first author paper.

Bryce Currey Passes Comprehensive Exams

Bryce Currey successfully passed his Comprehensive Exams. This now means that both Bryce and Justin, the two PhD's in the Lab, are candidates.

Hot off the Press 

New publication in Global Change Biology.



Increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations over time have lead to a decrease in plant nitrogen, despite increased greening in the Northern Great Plains.

Murdock Fellowship

We have been awarded the Partners in Science grant and have partnered with the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust to bring on Tory Dile, a location high-school educator, to work with us for the next two summers.

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